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Studio Journal #2

So that’s it!  Just as fast as we went into the cave we came right back out.  14 days straight recording batches of songs, 17 in total that will likely get whittled down to 10-12 for our new album.  All the primary rhythm guitar tracks, secondary color tracks, and now drums + percussion have been laid down. So exciting to feel and see the center of each new song now that they have finally moved from demo to production! 

We also surfed without wetsuits for about 11 minutes one day, met a blind dog named Atticus hiking around some old missile silos, ate beet salad like it was going out of style, and quoted our go to movies until we could laugh no more… Saturday Night Live clips, particularly Kate McKinnon skits, lit us up many many times… Anything to keep it fresh and the creativity light and flowing...

Stoked to take a week long break now to get our ears back, and then we’ll get back crackin’ on all the overdubbin’. And den mon, we be laying down all dem vocals! Honestly can’t wait for this next phase… Kind of like building a house where it can take forever to get from dreaming it up to drawings, and then to laying the foundation and framing out the structure... Well that’s where it feels like we are now, checking out all the wet cement and framing of these new tunes… And if all is completely Bomber, than we’ll so enjoy seeing it all go up so fast from here!  Vocals, harmonies, and keys are walls and paint; claves, shakers, programming, boot stomps and claps are floors and ceilings; and then the last little bright & chimy details, usually on kiddie piano, xylophone, finger bells, or glockenspiel, are the finishing details like doors and tile and backsplash and… Yea something like that anyway!

Just a really fun and ever-changing process, with so many twists and turns that you just have to go for the ride… There’s this illusion of control in a recording process because of all the preparation and practice you’ve put into a new batch of songs. But the truth is the creative process is something you can’t control, but instead have to surrender to… And then the songs start to reveal themselves by the strength of their spirit and how much they have to say, and we just respond to what a song is calling for!  So yea, it’s been and will continue to be a melting down of many thoughts and ideas, riffs + references, to create an alchemy unique to this moment for the band. 

More to come… We’ll surely keep you posted as we can’t wait to share the new music with you!!