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  1. May We All
  2. All This Time
  3. One By One
  4. As Old As I
  5. The Legend of Connie Hawkins
  6. Silent Type
  7. Break Our Fall
  8. Second Class Soldier
  9. Promise Land
  10. Born on Earth
  11. Greta
  12. Elevator Operator
  13. Stoned Enough To Gather In The Night
  14. The Poet Nurse and The Identical Queen
  15. Pour Into You
  16. Connie Hawkins Coda (CD/vinyl only)
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New Song "Pour Into You"

We’ve got a new song for you today off our upcoming album Break Our Fall. It’s called “Pour Into You." Dedicated to our pal Bennett D’Agostino and his parents who, for five years now, have been to hell and back while leaping buildings in single bounds for the love of their boy.

It’s the one song that we recorded live in the studio the same way we recorded "Elias" back in the day.

Break Our Fall - Album Out May 28th

We're stoked to share with you that our new album - Break Our Fall - comes out May 28th. You can pre-save it, or pre-order it on CD and deluxe vinyl from our webstore now.

Take a listen to all of the songs we've released already from the album! And you can follow those playlists to get the latest new songs as we put them out.

On top of all of those we have a new one out now called, "Born On Earth," and the music video is live on our YouTube channel.

For all the folks that do end up pre-ordering from our store, it comes with a few things...

- Access to a Break Our Fall Session live via Zoom with the band
- An autographed print
- 15% off any new apparel in the store