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Year of the Woman
Release Date 12/10/2019

In honor of Human Rights Day, our new song “Year of the Woman” is out now. Watch the music video below, directed, edited, and produced by Genéa Gaudet, or listen here.

This song came out of the Brett Kavanaugh hearings... we were shocked and upset to see the polarization around a woman brave enough to share her story of sexual abuse and that her abuser was ultimately named Supreme Court Justice.

Brett Kavanaugh is just one of many men whose stories of abusing their power and women have come to light recently…

We’re two white men who are in proximity to the problem, and we want to use our platform, as Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley says, to raise the people closest to the pain to power. In our evolution, we’ve been lucky to learn from the amazing women in our lives and in the public sphere. We’re just now grasping how different their reality is.

Our society needs less ego and more of a nurturing spirit - we need more women in positions of power. The time for gender equity is far overdue.

With that in mind, we want to learn more from badass women and girls leading change in their communities. We hope to bring you, our fans, on this journey with us and get your help. We'll be doing interviews every other month in 2020 with Calling All Crows to highlight women and girls leading in their fields.

Use this form to nominate a woman or girl you know or whose work you want to learn more about: 

We hope you enjoy this song and video that share some of what we learned from the powerful women speaking up about rampant abuse. We tried to convey the impact watching this unfold from the sidelines has had on us. We owe a debt to these women who put their own safety and comfort at risk to try and make a better, violence-free world for us all, and we’re excited to follow their lead and contribute to the movement.

01. Year of the Woman

We’re late, we late now, we late now, the moon she on the rise

Each day, each day now, each day now, the more he got to hide

He says he prays like a good god fearin white man

He can’t recall his trespasses; you know he doing the best he can 


But its the Year of the year of the woman, its about time for the world to see

Men have been pushing their ivy oppression, hidin' away on their tree lined street.        

Stay on fire on fire now lady, those are the powers that used to be

cause there’s a sea change coming, like a high court summon, from sea to mother shining sea


When the kingdom come, the king get dumb

And when the king he come 

The king get dumb 

He can’t remember all the things he done 

We all saying now this is insane man 

So raise a glass last to the rigged up game man