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Promise Land
Release Date 10/13/2020

We just finished this song "Promise Land" with the help of our friend Raye Zaragoza - it’s part of the album that we're finishing up, but we wanted to get it out as soon as we could given the significance of the time. Thanks y’all for coming along with us on the journey. Don’t forget to VOTE!

01. Promise Land

One man get killed by a man sworn to protect him

we reeling and dealing and elect a white nationalist president

Unconvicted people just sitting in prison

Families are struggling to swim against the corporate system


is this the promise land 

who is the promised man 


He only talks when the chopper blades spinning

chopper help the ego of the narcissist kidling

but we need to look at our selves, more or less how we voted

What’s that tell you now, tells you that we wrote it 


I guess it should come as no surprise 

Its just you’d think that we’d have done better, with all the time, all the generations 

And now we’re on the edge of loosing it all, if we don’t kill each other, Mother Nature will 

And can you blame her,, all we have is each other, all we have is you