Bootleg Series Vol. 1: June 12, 2009 @ The Kennedy Center

We’ve posted the first installment of the DISPATCH Bootleg Series. Volume #1 is a recording of our acoustic show at The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC where we performed for the prime minister of Zimbabwe. The free album download is available now in the music hub. More to come!

iPhones and iPads don’t support .zip file downloads so you’ll want to visit the music hub on your computer or Android device. However, you can stream the album from any device.

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Summer Update From The Barn

Hope your summer is kicking off with heaps of sunshine.. So hard to believe this time last year we were rehearsing for our DISPATCH:HUNGER shows at MSG. Man time is flying, and well so are we – in just a few weeks – to Europe for our summer tour. So yea, we’re psyched to hit the road on the other side of the pond and hope to see a lot of you over there…

Well let’s see… So what’s been happening as of late? Well I (Brad) recently got back from Nicaragua where Love Light + Melody hosted our annual Day of Light Music Festival… Pete and his family were recently rocking out with Beck and many other amazing artists at Mountain Jam Festival… And rumor has it Chaddo has been spotted driving the Big Blue across the country (actually that’s his cousin Jake who just won the national title in lacrosse!)

But what we’ve really been doing is writing and demo’ing lots of new songs for a new DISPATCH record – stoked to record these puppies and play ’em live.

Our plan is to record the album in the late fall and then release it sometime early next year, rolling right into a summer ’17 tour…

And for any of you who will be in Europe with us, we’ll be road testing a handful of the new songs over there! We’re gonna try to record some of the shows and post some songs on the web. We’d also love to see any footage or hear any recordings you all do during the tour so drop us an e-mail with a link.

The one bit of sad tour news is that our compadre Pete has to stay stateside because of some unexpected health issues. So we’ll be flying in the Missing Man formation for this run, but will rock hard with Petey in our pockets as we anticipate his quick return. Our friends Matt Embree (from RX Bandits) and JR will be joining in to help us crank up the volume! We’ve been in the barn shedding the newbies hard in preparation for our trip to Europe.

Speaking of tunes, we just launched a new DISPATCH website (this one you’re on right now) where you can stream and download our entire catalog, for free! We’re gonna try to add some board tapes from the archives in the coming months so let us know if there are any shows you want to hear. One other thing, iPhones and iPads don’t support album downloads from websites so you’ll want to use your computer or Android device.

Thanks as always for listening and playing it loud! And we’ll be back in touch soon with an update on the new album and our touring plans for next summer…

Brad, Chad, & Pete

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