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Studio Journal #1

We are set half way up a mountain side in a recording studio that is equal parts tall ship and castle- made from timber, glass, and stone of all different shapes and sizes. Pretty much everything here feels like it was found, salvaged, or drifted up on shore! And we can see and hear the constant wash of the waves breaking a quarter mile below us too. (Ahh if we could only zip line it!) Just an amazing and super inspiring place to make music and bring new songs to life.

We’re 5 days in at this point and have been laying down layer upon layer of everything stringed - acoustic guitar, electric, 12 string, suitcase guitar, high strung, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, & charango- for 9 songs thus far. Another 5-6 songs to go the next few days and then we’ll start building the thump, where we’ll bring out all the frame drums, percussion, & drum kit.

And it’s all happening in one huge open room which is a really cool vibe. Really different than a conventional studio with lots of separation, glass, and isolation booths. Starting our days with hikes, beach walks, coffee, and Dandy Lion tea.
Speaking of, day 6 is about to begin!

- Brad

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