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"Painted Yellow Lines" Official Music Video

In college, our friend Andrew Mudge made a black and white, 28 minute movie on 16 millimeter film about a can-collecting kid on the hunt for an illusive misprint of the soda pop Mello Yello. His name and the title of the film is Henry Hinkle. When we were trying to decide on a possible video direction for the song, I thought of this film I’d seen as a 17 year old. It was brought back from Colorado Springs by my best friend Weej’s older brother Andrew on VHS tape... I thought, it’s possible that this video we’re looking to create already exists within that short film. 

I remember loving it, but after so many years, I didn’t know if my memory had made it better than it was. I emailed Andrew (now an established filmmaker). He loved the idea of editing the film down for a 5 minute long song, but he’d have to go up to Vermont to his parents’ farm to see if he still had a copy of the VHS lying around, or if he could find the actual film canisters. He also warned us and threw out the disclaimer that it was a long time ago. We persisted, and he found the tape and sent it to me and Brad in Ashland, Oregon, where we had the day off on our winter tour. Bradley and I were stunned by the raw beauty, the longing, the incredible script and performances of all involved - especially my old friend as a 19 year old behind the camera... and of course the painted yellow lines.

To watch the full film, please send an aluminum can tab along with a one-dollar bill and your return address to the below recipient:

Henry Hinkle
P.O. Box 28
Vershire, VT 05079