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New Song "Cross the World" & Location 13

After last summer's tour, we went back out to Stinson Beach to wrap up some recording that we didn’t finish the first time around - back to the tallship/studio beached up in the hills near the spirits of The Dead and Jefferson Airplane. It was good to get back in there and be with the wonder twins Dragonetti and Sawitzke who commandeered America, Location 12 (they actually ARE born on the same day). We went in with some sketches of tunes, and in that week we finished up a few songs and recorded some more.

This new collection of tunes is Location 13. “Cross The World,” is the first in a series of songs that we’ll be releasing every couple of weeks throughout the summer. After the last song is out later this year it will be released as a whole. Physical pre-orders will start later this fall and include a limited edition vinyl version.

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"Cross the World" is autobiographical for the band. When we got together for a practice 5 or so years ago in Denver, Pete started playing a bass line that we jammed on for a bit. We called the jam "Cowboy Reggae." Years later, when Chad was compiling possible songs for America, Location 12, he fleshed it out a bit. Where most of our tunes can be a bit cryptic, Chad tried to make this one straightforward - a few highlights and snafus in our time together. It starts from the early days when we first bought Wimpy and met our master Splinter known to many as JPG 11 - some others know him as the fastest man on two blades. Dragonetti channeled some Scratch Perry on this one, and so, the tune is our only recent reggae-inspired track of late.