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America, Location 12 Summer Tour + New Tunes

And so it begins...a new Dispatch adventure and some new tunes to boot. We've got a new song out today called "Only The Wild Ones" and a summer tour that kicks off June 16th at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Our friends in Guster will be joining us for most of the shows, and we’ll be playing heaps of new cities for the first time ever! Cedar Rapids, here's looking at you.

Tickets for all shows - except Levitate and Telluride - go on on sale Friday February 24th at 10AM venue local time, but you can get the best seats in the house beginning Monday February 20th at 10AM venue local time with presale code: WILDONES. As an extra bonus for the presale folks, we've chopped $5 off the price of the 250 seats closest to the stage. Get in early, as they're gonna go fast.

We are so excited to hit the road again to play songs, new and old. Beyond the music, it's an opportunity for us to get out in the country, get a sense of how people are doing and learn about what they’re thinking. That's one reason why we're going to so many new places. We'll be bringing along our fellow road dogs, JR and Matt Embree, as well. Matt is from the legendary band RX Bandits, one of the best live bands ever. He’s a wizard on four and six strings. JR and Chad have spent many nights on the road traveling across the US and he'll be helping us round out percussion. Embree and JR got their Dispatch sea legs this past year in Europe and are wonderful souls to be on stage with.

Our songs have always addressed a variety of topics ranging from immigrants to refugees to veterans to indigenous peoples to victims of gun violence. It's going to be interesting to sing some these songs in this charged political climate of our time, but we believe that these concerts provide us all with an opportunity to come together as a community, find our common bonds and share a great night of music and friendship.

So what can we tell you about "Only The Wild Ones?"

We're releasing it first because it reminds us of summer and celebrates the spirit of the journey that we hope to go on with all of you. It's a song that speaks to the beauty of the world that eagerly awaits us and our exploration of it. Chad began writing it when we were in Australia a few years back. He was playing with a guitar that Pete's friend had made and started reminiscing about folks he met in college.

"There was this guy named Trevor Tall Fox that I met during my short stint in Vermont. We bonded over our love for primitive cultures, flinging ourselves down the mountain side, naked skateboarding, running from the cops and train hopping. I left Middlebury after a year and we unfortunately lost touch, but I heard that he changed his name after moving to Costa Rica. After Vermont, I settled in New York City for a few years. I met a tall fellow from Chicago named Charlie and he was on a mission to soak up everything New York had to offer. I was glad to tag along. He was hell bent on reading the New York Times from start to finish everyday and eventually having an interview show like Charlie Rose. He was also an incredible dancer, not an easy feat for someone 6’6”. He was all limbs but he could move like the best of 'em. We'd run up walls and climb street lamps - he had no trouble causing a scene.  This was right around the time when Giuliani outlawed dancing in pubs and bars. So we made it our business to go out and start dance parties (and no one could start a party like Charlie) in all the nearby bars. This song is about those guys, it’s about wild best friends that made anything possible."

We so look forward to spending time with all of you this summer and and can't wait to have you join us on this next Dispatch journey. And don't worry if you're in Europe or on the west coast, you're next.

Your friends,

- Brad, Chad and Pete