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Three Songs Now + Album Out Next Year

Our new album comes out next year, but the first three songs are out today! You can listen to everything here.

We've been hard at work prepping our new album with production team John Dragonetti + Mike Sawitzke (America, Location 12) and cannot wait for you to hear the whole thing. Over the last few years our band has moved through many phases of change, while as a society + global community we have had to adapt to immeasurable challenges world wide.  Personally, we’ve dealt with loss, as well as the joy of birth in our families, and we’ve watched our band stumble and look for new footing as we carry on without a founding member.  Meanwhile, the world is enduring a season of political, environmental, and racial upheaval greater than any we’ve seen in our lifetime.  Our new album was written and recorded largely from reflecting on and trying to reconcile what we can as we grow forward, and is organized around five phases of change.   The first three songs, releasing today as Phase 1, tell stories of the shock, surprise, and chaos that often emerge in the earliest stage of change.  Thanks for joining us on this journey.